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Bayview Bed and Breakfast
Bev and Bryan Rempel, your hosts at BayView B&B built their ideal private suite based on their own experience of traveling, and frequenting B&B's across Canada and the United States.
“Our ideal B&B experience was one where we could be left on our own, to get up when we wanted to get up, have everything we needed to make ourselves our own breakfast, and come and go as we wished, without going through any other part of the host's house."

"We built the suite originally to accommodate our parents who come for lengthy stays of several weeks at a time. A place where they could have their own space for the early part of the day, and then join us for dinner. Now we serve a variety of people, from those who need an overnight or two place to stay as they are passing through, to those who have stayed for a month or more as they get settled moving into the Cowichan Valley."

The relief of our guests is visible the moment they enter the suite and remark on the decore and the comfort they immediately feel.

We would encourage you to book early, as prime dates are often taken up to a year in advance...especially the Regatta weekend.

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